About The Author

You might wonder where my passion for fashion comes from. Well.. the earliest memories I recall going back to the time I could barely say my own name! Watching my grandmother and mother get dressed for their endless parties and social events was my most favorite part of the day! I would often hide in my mother’s wardrobe and talk with her outfits.”Oh, you’re so beautiful, what’s your story?” I’d say… My mother thought it was just a child doing her thing. Little did she know that my love for fashion existed then and has followed me around the world and continues to do so.

It was in middle school where I began to recognize the art of fashion illustration, and with the help of a wonderful and talented teacher, I picked up my game quite quickly. In classes my quality would often end up being me seated in the back row of the classes room, drawing teeny tiny girl figures on the back of my textbooks and designing outfits for them.

During my late teens, I commenced part-time education in a Fashion college and managed to land an offer from RMIT University in Melbourne. Upon completion of my undergrad degree in Fashion Technology and Design, I plowed into the fashion industry, beginning my career through Fashion retail and marketing.

My endless love for fashion and sharing the world of fashion with its fan has always been transparent. So, I decided to channel that love and energy through a platform for some real-time fashion and I’m calling ModeMuse.

Stay tuned for updates on this page and come help me grow this amazing community with you and become a ModeMuser.

Atusa Alexandra Mo