A Spring in Kaleidoscope

Words Atusa Moghaddam
Photos Reannon Smith
The lights disappear as the mesmerizing haze clears the Melbourne townhall room.
Flickering lights turned into dancing neon show as the bass guitarist from the Melbourne
based band, Baby Blue, starts playing, expressing the vibes of MFW Runway 6.
A Fashion serotonin is what I am calling this show. That’s right. After an epically long winter
of rainy cold days for us Melbournians, designers changed the mood in the only way they
know it would fulfil the heart of the runway, with uplifting, colourful, joyous clothes that took
us into another universe. Polychromatic vibes, the yummy new sugared floral print, some
pretty energetic 80s power-dressing, 90s inspired slip dresses in silk, emphasised
asymmetrical silhouettes with Cut-out backs and tailored checked sets were the jewels of
this runway.
C/MeoCollective opened the runway with a model wearing a floral suit being escorted by
another two in hot red dress and co-ord set with extravagant puffy sleeves making a strong
statement, perfectly positioned features with sharp tailoring bringing a new meaning to what
we know as everyday clothes. Following The trio down the runway, models showcased the
designers’ pieces for upcoming spring/summer raiding the Pantone colour chart for pulsating