Melbourne, Victoria- VAMFF Fashion week officially kicked off with Runway 1 presented by Vogue Australia. Vogue packed the house with the cream of Australian fashion and set a new record delivering fashion as an element for empowering women. An arsenal of breath-taking silhouettes by fashion pioneers, a true prestigious line up, a collection put together delicately championing for living without restrictions and free conventions, modelled by the most diversified female models any fashion week has ever seen. Creating a neoteric momentum in Fashion. I am calling this show ‘Unframed Fashion’.

An alluringly curated sustainable collection for women, to explore their femineity without any restriction. Collection with vigorous dimension and a tender flair that created a remarkable harmony.

Akira- Isogawa’s modified some traditional Japanese designs and techniques, he married light and heavy weight natural fabrics to create strikingly layered looks with instantly recognisable feminine and masculine symmetry.

Bianca Spender styles were a true tailoring proportion, aligning sophistication and cutting-edge looks reflecting on her designing strategy ‘finding a sense of balance in each design’.

CAMILLA AND MARC- A girl and a boy dynamic due once again brought a chic, electric and exquisite tailoring paired with feminine prints with a keen attention to details, set a new bench mark for luxury.

Scanlan Theodor- designer’s whimsical impulses were touched up with a fashion recollection from 1980, a collection with portion of a top to toe leather looks alongside the classic top and pant styles in deluxe fabric choices.

KITX- where sustainable meets a squad of bold, curious and obstreperous designs in the most utterly genius way.

Bassike, simply chic-slick! Ethically-minded brand escorts minimalist construction with detailed stitches. A true Bassike DNA.

Dion Lee- her signature styles play of structure and softness. The iconic laser-cut architectural panels running down the skirts and dresses. Some shots of bright colours into neutral palette of mainly black and white outfits.

Lee Mathews- A collection designed for bourgeois values, along-established bunch of splendid high society looks that is also deeply bohemian. A collection designed for free-spirited forthright women.

Morrison- A romantic red print with oceanic blue layered silk georgette pieces, creating volume are main focus in Morrison collection. Back with the colour pallet there is also a range of cable knits that can squeeze your heart.

Thurley- A collection designed for women and one collective reason, to appreciate youthful spirit and guilt-free luxe regardless of age or body. The presence of curve models on the runway, historic.

Jasongrench- A rewind to studio 54 1980s. Metallics, exaggerated shoulders and some fringe too. A true poetry of fashion making. An unruly flair for French chic.

Asilio- an elegant sense of erotic with asymmetrical details, monochrome top to toe cocktail dresses accompanied with a floral print pant suit and dresses just to say neural can be fun with a pop of colour.